Fashion Necklaces, How to choose the right one?

Fashion Necklaces, How to choose the right one?

Learn some tips when choosing fashion necklaces , if you are like me that takes a long time to choose which accessory to use, or you simply want to know what would look better with your outfit, keep reading and you will no longer have excuses for not wearing a cute accessory that you it will make you look spectacular.

Just as with the clothes we choose, what makes us look better based on our physique are fashion necklaces. It is necessary to know various aspects of our body in order to enhance our most favorable features, so it is important to know our type of neck, and our height and once these characteristics are identified, we will go to see the type of necklace according to the neckline that we are going to use.

Next, we will explain how to choose a necklace based on certain physical characteristics:

By type of neck.

Short neck. If your neck is short, we recommend wearing long necklaces as a short necklace or choker will visually make your neck look even shorter.

Long neck . However, if your neck is long, short necklaces or chokers favor you since they create a balance with your figure, or if you are dying to wear a long necklace, we recommend the necklaces which can be turned several times to achieve a combination of short and long necklace in one.

By height

In the case of height, unfortunately it only affects the short ones, since in this case we will not be able to use too long necklaces, they will make us see even more short ones.

By neckline type

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Next, we will explain how to choose a necklace based on neckline:

Boat neckline

It works super well with a short and simple necklace, you will achieve a great combination.


If your dress or blouse is in V, it is best to choose a Y or V-shaped necklace, either short or long, with some type of decoration.

Turtle neck

For this type of blouses or dresses, it is best to use long necklaces, in order to make your figure look more stylized, on the contrary if you use a short necklace visually your neck will look shorter and your face more round.

Round and square neckline

For these two types of neckline, short necklaces or chokers are super good, preferably that are within the neckline, choose colors and designs that contrast with your outfit.

Strapless neckline

For this type of neckline, we recommend a necklace that is uncovered, that is, a short necklace can be a striking one or a simple one.

Shirt neckline

If you want to give your look a twist to go to work, we suggest that with this type of garment you choose a short and simple necklace if you decide to wear the open shirt you can opt for a long necklace.

With this type of garment there are several options of collar that you can use, it will be up to you to decide if you want a casual or more formal look and thus it will be easier to choose the type of collar that best suits you.

There are countless designs and models of necklaces, and just as choosing the perfect garment is a difficult task, choosing which necklace to use is even more difficult, so go ahead and combine your garments with this accessory and make your look something more daring.